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Magazine Articles
Solid experience writing timely, punchy, well-researched articles for magazines and newspapers.

Faith and Leadership, online magazine for Duke Divinity School, June 2012
Independent School Magazine, Spring 2012
April 2007 Eva Mag Cover Story  | Download Story
May 2007 EvaMag Cover Story  | Download Story
May 2008 EvaMag Men Cover Story  | Download Story
Fall/ Winter Issue 2007 Eastern Kentucky University Magazine Center Spread | Download Story
(Booklet Underway) The Stained Glass Windows of First Presbyterian Church | Download Story

Newspaper Articles 
I wrote these articles on a freelance basis as a contributor to area newspapers.
Sunday Profile on Author Inman Majors (Knoxville News Sentinel) | Download Story
Monthly Series on Area Authors for Knoxville News Sentinel
Tracy Whitaker | Download Story
WendyBessman_WilliamMorgan | Download Wendy Bessman | Download William Morgan
Cyndi Dodson
_ThomasSlagle | Download Cyndi Dodson | Download Thomas Slagle
Lisa Horstmann_DavidConner | Download Lisa Horstmann | Download David Conner

Promotional Articles
These are articles I wrote on behalf of clients that ran as news articles in area publications.
The Duchess of BrightStar -- For BrightStar Home Care
The Episcopal School of Knoxville

Newsletters, both print and electronic

I both write and design newsletters. Each type – print and electronic – has its own writing style requirements.
Knoxville Writer's Guild Weekly Update   / See All
East Tennessee Writer

Email Marketing
I write, assemble and  distribute many email marketing pieces which are effective and all the more wonderful because they are colorful and require no printing or postage outlay.
Email Marketing Pieces

Magazines and Annual Reports
Magazines and annual reports are good ways to showcase the offerings of any institution. They provide a rich experience and a good picture of what goes on. I plan, write and edit magazines and annual reports, and can provide the photography, graphics and design or work with a creative team.
The Episcopal School of Knoxville -- Annual Reports
The Alabama State Council on the Arts and Humanities -- Magazine

Brochures and Annual Reports
Brochures and Annual Reports are a way to showcase the offerings of any institution. I wrote copy, took many photographs and took a leadership role in developing the tone of these pieces. Not only do they capture the strengths of the institution in a fine-tuned way, but they reflect successful operation of a talented creative team.

Ad Campaigns
Ads are best run in campaigns with a clear focus using themes easily recognized across different media. Here are some of those.
Episcopal School of Knoxville

Video Script Writing
This narration, written for a promotional DVD on behalf of a Presbyterian school in Africa, helped raise nearly $50,000 for the school.

Promotional Campaigns

Press releases, outreach to media, and work with a creative team to produce ads, promotional pieces and momentum are what propel events to success.
Promotions and their pieces:
Grace School Visit
John McNeil

I have taken thousands of photographs that run in local newspapers, magazines, and websites, and in brochures, annual reports and print pieces of all kinds.

Using software that includes Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator, I design brochures, newsletters, flyers, posters, banners and small publications of many kinds.

Video Production

Working with a creative and talented team headed by filmmaker Phil Hardison, I had the privilege of producing this beautifully done promotional DVD for The Episcopal School of Knoxville

Creative Team


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